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        As a tenant, you have rights in Florida. When your landlord fails to uphold their responsibilities, you may be subject to compensation. Apartment complex negligence can put a tenant at risk of being injured, to become ill or to become a victim of a crime. At Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami & Andux, PA, our team of apartment complex negligence attorneys in Clay County has the necessary experience to investigate your case and to get you the compensation you deserve. Tenants can file premises liability claims against the owner of a building if they fail to maintain a safe premise.

        Landlord Legal Responsibilities

        The Florida Fair Housing Act of 1968 was established to protect tenants. This act states that landlords cannot create unfair rules in legal agreements, retaliate against tenants who exercise these fair housing rights, prevent tenants from inspecting housing, and also must maintain a safe and maintained premise at all times. A tenant must use and operate in a reasonable manner on the property. They also must make sure that all fixtures are clean and in good repair and comply with all building, housing, and health codes to keep the dwelling clean and safe.

        Suing Your Landlord for Negligence

        If you feel that your landlord has created a safety hazard, you can sue them for negligence. To have a valid claim, your landlord must have been made aware of the issues with your place. When you’re meeting with one of our apartment complex negligence attorneys, bring all evidence of this negligence and any documentation including written notice of the safety hazard and any photographs. You can recover compensation for lost wages due to missing work if you were sick from the negligence or for any damages or losses associated with this negligence.

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