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        Anyone who owns property which can be accessed by the public has the responsibility of maintaining that property to ensure the safety of those who access it. When a person is injured on property owned by another, the property owner may sometimes be held negligent, and the owner may also be liable for the injuries of the victim. If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall or similar accident, you need to consult with an experienced law firm like Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami & Andux, PA of Clay County. We will use our skill and expertise to fully evaluate your unique slip and fall injury case and fight for the compensation you need.

        Proving Negligence in a Slip and Fall Accident Case

        When someone slips and is injured as a result of a condition on the premises of a property owner, it must be shown that the property owner did not maintain the property in a way that was “reasonable and prudent”, or as any property owner would be expected to do. Relevant questions that are asked are, was the property owner aware of any hazardous condition, and, if so, did he take any action to remedy the situation? If there was a hazardous condition that could not be prevented, such as the repair of an elevator, were adequate signs put up to warn others?  The law firm of Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami & Andux, PA of Clay County and its legal professionals are familiar with the causes of negligence in slip and fall accidents. We’ll investigate your case to see where negligence can be found.

        Comparative Negligence

        In states like Florida in which there are comparative negligence laws, the injured party who fell may be held partially responsible for the accident. If this is the case, the amount of compensation received in a lawsuit may be reduced by a percentage that is considered to be the percentage of fault that the injured victim has. A skilled slip and fall accident attorney can argue your case based on the evidence to get you the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled, even if you were partially at fault.

        The Statute of Limitations

        If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident and you believe it may be due to a property owner’s negligence, or even if you’re not sure, don’t hesitate. Slip and fall injury lawsuits must be filed within a certain time period after the accident occurs. In Florida, this statute of limitations is four years, but the sooner you file, the better. Waiting too long just makes it harder for those ruling on your case to take it seriously.

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